Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Moms that time forgot

Not that anybody reads this thing but, apologies for lack of posting lately, been getting on with my essay to get into my masters. Anyway, the wonderful blog momstyleicons is something I was wanting to write about but the essay (nearly done!) ended up only being about one aspect of the original plan. Kinda like the myth that Tarantino originally wrote lots of his films as one giant screenplay, or something. Anyway, i love this blog - OK, I'm a guy and this is essentially a fashion blog, but thats why i like it; Because its actuallya receptacle of memory posing as a fashion blog. I find it interesting what the internet - and, particularly blogs - are doing to our notions of memory. Anyway, thats for another time and, evidently another essay. But for now enjoy a few of my favorite images frommomstyleicons.

Lets hear it for Hot Moms!

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