Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures

Although I like the premise of the blog site ifoundyourcamera it essentially fails on two counts; 1) That no one is taking pictures with analogue cameras anymore and neither as is made evident on this blog are most people stupid enough to actually lose their digital cameras so that this site should really be calledifoundyourmemorystickwithallyourshitonitandafewphotos 2) That digital has made modern vernacular photography really, really dull. The two photos shown are the only ones of any real interest as they were obviously taken during the '80's but just as most of us who were old enough to live through it thought that everything during the '80's and 90's was pretty crap maybe we will be able to look back in twenty or so years and see that yes, in fact everything was awesome.

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