Thursday, 22 December 2011

Separated At Birth

Dorothea Lange: The Road West / Highway to the West, U.S. 54 in Southern New Mexico, 1938

Robert Frank: U.S. 285 New Mexico, 1955

“Robert Frank walked in with a couple of boxes of his work. for several years he’s been going around the country taking photos for a book he planned to call The Americans. He was hoping to convince Jack [Kerouac] to write the introduction. He asked me if I’d like to look at some of the pictures. The first one i saw was of a road somewhere out west - blacktop gleaming undeer headlights with a white strip down the middle that went on and on toward an outlying darkness, Jack’s road! I thought immediately” 

Quoted in Sante; Looking in: Robert Frank’s The American’s, Steidl/National Gallery of Art, Washington, 2009, p.204

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